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Custom Camera

The Imaging Solutions Group is a firm specializing in delivering turnkey custom camera and imaging systems to a demanding worldwide marketplace. With ISG IP, the Design Services team has taken full custom systems from concept through manufacturing/test and into full production.  We also migrate existing multi-component (camera, PC, electronics) systems to fully integrated vision solutions, thereby reducing cost and increasing performance.  ISG is a world leader in ODM "Original Design Manufacture" for the imaging industry.  Well known throughout the world for Imaging ODM and Digital Camera ODM expertise.

1394 Camera

ISG also provides a series of configurable OEM Smart cameras for a wide range of imaging applications. These cameras come with a rich feature set allowing quick integration into existing vision applications. A wide selection of linear, global shutter, and rolling shutter CMOS sensors is also available.

FireWire Camera

With either direction, the Imaging Solutions Group can help you achieve success through quality products and experienced design services.

ieee 1394 camera

Custom Camera

Part and Produce Sorting

Machine Vision Systems

Security and Surveillance


Package Scanning

Encoding and Positioning

2D Bar Code Reading

Custom Camera Design

FireWire Camera

Automated Inspection Systems

IEEE-1394 Camera


GigE Vision - Gigabit Ethernet Camera
Smart Camera
Custom Camera Design FireWire Camera
IEEE-1394 Camera 1394 Camera

ISG library of Intellectual Property

System and Board Design
System Migration and Integration Custom Camera Design
ASIC/FPGA Design Enclosure Design
Windows/Linux Soft Devel System and Board Design
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