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  LightWise Area and Line Scan Cameras:

Camera Line Scan

Area Cameras

The new LightWise area scan smart cameras combine CMOS technology and the FireWire™ standard or the 10/100 Ethernet standard to give a low-cost, high performance solution to machine vision applications. These compact cameras shorten the typical integration time associated with vision systems and offer flexibility for OEM solutions. Fully compliant with the IEEE-1394 IIDC DCAM Specification Version 1.3, these cameras can be used with any compatible programs, other 3rd Party Software, and so on. Frame Rates are fast and can be reach up to much higher frame rates using reduced regions of interest resolution windows. Cameras with a global shutter are available for applications that involve objects in motion. All camera controls are done through software, which includes a fully programmable dynamic range/gamma control LUT for any desired response curve. An on-board image buffer, processors and on-board FPGA's are also featured in these cameras. All cameras are eith available in monochrome or can be used in a true monochrome mode. The color cameras feature an entire image path that is ISG designed. All cameras offer triggering and strobe control capabilities. These cameras come packaged with driver software and a user’s manual.

Additional features include:

Full frame rate smooth digital panning with digital zoom capability.  This allows a region of interest of any size to be swept through the entire active viewing area via host computer control. 

Under contract JPEG and Motion-JPEG can be added.

Compatible with all National Instruments products.

The ISG LightWise 'Smart' Digital Imaging Cameras provide a High Resolution area imaging solution with outstanding flexibility.  The low cost and ease of integration into existing systems make it an excellent solution for a wide variety of applications. The interfaces to the Imager are industry standard to provide ease of integration into target systems.

Programmable Smart Camera Applications.

Automated Inspection Systems  

2D Bar Code Reading

Machine Vision Systems

  Encoding and Positioning
  Part & Grain sorting
  Parcel Scanning

Security & Surveillance

On-Board, Downloadable FPGA…..Smart-Camera Features….Customized to Your Application

On-Board Image Frame Buffer!

Line Scan Cameras:

ISG LightWise FireWire™ Line Scan Cameras · 1024 and 2048 Pixel Linear arrays · Up to 27,500 lines per second · Compact Size The LightWise line scan cameras are excellent solutions to low-cost, high-speed applications. These cameras are designed for the OEM in mind and are provided in a small footprint for requirements with tight space constraints. The FireWire™ standard is compliant with the IEEE-1394 IIDC DCAM Specification Version 1.3, and each unit has external opto-isolated programmable I/O for trigger/strobe functions.

The 1024 pixel version offers rates up to 10K lines per second at 14-bit resolution and is ideal for not only machine vision but also spectroscopy and bar code reading requirements.

ISG offers two 2K line scan cameras: one with a CCD sensor and another with a CMOS sensor.

The CMOS 2048 pixel unit can perform at a rate up to 28K lines per second (60 MHz) at 12-bit resolution strongly suited for machine vision and edge detection.  This camera features very high speed at very low cost.

The CCD 2048 pixel unit can perform at a rate up to 18K lines per second (40 MHz) at 12-bit resolution strongly suited for machine vision and edge detection.  This sensor has excellent sensitivity and a true line rate trigger.

User-programmable controls include integration time, gain adjustments, offset, bit depth and data rate.

Typical applications include:

bar code reading

encoding and positioning


  high-speed scanning

Each camera is packaged with driver software and a user’s manual. All cameras are compatible with IEEE-1394 IIDC DCAM Specification Version 1.3 Compatible with any 3rd party software package that supports this standard..

Compatible with all National Instruments products.


Low Cost………...Increase Your Profits

The ISG LightWise Modular Smart-Camera family provides the quality, speed and feature set of cameras costing twice as much ….. without even considering the programmability and flexibility it offers. Compact Form Factor ………. Small and Easy to Integrate 2" W x 2" D x 1.5" H. Robust, compact metal enclosure.

Very Low System Cost => No Frame Grabber needed!

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